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Whole Child Project

  • Literacy
    We facilitate the development of reading and spelling skills through our phonics teaching intervention for Grade 1.
  • Psychosocial support
    We provide individual and group counselling/therapy for vulnerable children, children in crisis and children experiencing trauma and loss.
  • Preparatory skills
    We facilitate skills to develop body awareness, gross motor skills, fine motor skills and visual perception to confidence and competence for children entering the Grade 1 school programme.
  • Psycho-metric assessments
    We provide testing and assessments services for children identified as having barriers to learning.
  • Occupational Intervention
    Our UKZN Health Services Department provide intervention in physio theraphy,audiology and speech therapy for children.
  • Extra Mural Activities
    We support the provision of dance,drama,music,art and physical sport after school and during the holiday period.

Grassroot democracy and Active Citizenship

  • Youth Leadership Training
    We provide opportunities for leadership development and training of young people in the community with an aim to create active social justice change agents through personal growth and leadership skills.
  • Advocacy and Lobbying
    We work with affected and interested groups of residents to build their competence to advocate and lobby around issues that affect their daily living.
  • Support for vulnerable populations
    Through strategic partnerships that provide support, care and empowerment for vulnerable groups of people in the community.
  • Community conversations/dialogues
    Using the Peter Block Methodology we facilitate dialogues within the community around difficult issues/areas of concern so as to find a possible solution /way forward.

Food and Income Security Project

  • Organic vegetable gardens
    We promote and support the development of organic community and doorstep vegetable gardens to mitigate hunger and poverty in vulnerable households.
  • Recycling and environmental justice awareness
    We educate and facilitate activities that mobilize the community to become environment activists through promotion of reduce, reuse and recycle as well as identify  and remove alien plants and replant indigenous trees.
  • Skills and capacity development
    We collaborate with other non-governmental organisations, churches and government departments to create opportunities for skills and capacity development among young people out of school.